A 2022 started in the best way for Open Data Srl!

From the expansion of the Opera Partner Network to product innovation, up to the expansion of Opera MES's customer base.

For all these results we are grateful to our customers and partners who have implemented these projects.

Although the Covid emergency is still ongoing, even in recent months we have continued to help our customers by making their production smarter, regardless of the technological level of the factory machinery.


 But what is the right way to reconcile the gap between old and new technologies?

Investing in the optimization of a company's production can be a complex choice: some assets produce goods with a relatively short life cycle, while other lines produce resources that may have a longer duration.

The production models of companies differ on the basis of their production output, in fact, there are industrial equipment that is more or less central or critical for the business of a company, depending on whether it is a machine-centric or a man-centric company.

In the first case, it could be advantageous to extend the horizons of planning activities, in order to better manage the core assets of a plant. For this reason it is essential to plan production on the basis of strategic objectives for the future, based on the forecasts of evolution of market demands or of its own reference customers.

Thanks to the Opera MES production software it is possible to obtain much more detailed information about it, because it is based on the collection of real-time data processed through the operations of workers, plants and connections between different horizontal and vertical systems. Using this information, it is possible to establish a strategy of continuity of production and accurate planning of investments, but this is only possible through ad hoc production tools, such as MES systems and APS software.


 New customers


Thanks to this, in the last two months we have had the pleasure of welcoming seven new companies to our large community of Opera MES customers:


Coming from different sectors and characterized by various sizes, also in these two months our colleagues from the Opera Partner Network have contributed to facilitating seven new customers in their business from the Machinery, Food & Beverage, Plastic and Wood & Furniture sectors.

We welcome our new customers and thank them for choosing us, relying on a competent network partner who, thanks to high professionalism, has been able to combine a great ability to offer an important consultancy service, with an innovative way of operating and achieving tangible results.

How do you use the production data? Do you already use factory software to improve your production processes?


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