Increase productivity by identifying Lead Times!

What is it and How to Calculate Lead Time. Opera MES, the most suitable tool. 
Software per la Produzione Opera MES

Everyone needs a strategy to collect Lead Time information when dealing with Production. Most likely you will be in possession of an excel template with which you usually calculate the Lead Time.

But What is a Lead Time? How can you calculate the Lead Times? Why has it become of fundamental importance today to know how to identify Lead times?

And above all, what tool is the most sutable in order to ensure reliable data collection and analysis of the entire production?

The Recipe for Success!

Interviewing our CEO Engeneer Gerardo Fabrizio conducted by Business24.
CEO Ing. Gerardo Fabrizio, Presidente di Open Data srl

Open Data srl ​​is a company from Argelato, in the province of Bologna, which develops high-performance MES software. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the result of the passion for Information Technology of its founder, Gerardo Fabrizio.

After graduating in Electronic Engineering at the University of Bologna, with some of his university colleagues, he decided to create a real team of software developers.

14 plus 4 Benefits of an MES!MES project ROI

That's right! Let's talk about 14 4 benefits of a manufacturing execution system project!

The Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provides essential information that helps managers to:

• take important decisions for production,

• better understanding of the current conditions in the plant,

• optimize the production process.


Therefore, a detailed analysis of the ROI requires, above all, the identification of a balance between all the obtainable advantages and the costs to be incurred for the implementation of the MES.

As for the advantages, it should be noted that with technological progress, today it is possible to rely on intelligent devices and cloud systems, thus, operators and managers can benefit from an intelligent MES platform, constituting an investment that, in terms of price, it costs less than a monthly payment of a sports car. 

8 Reasons to Digitize Your Factory!
perchè digitalizzare la fabbrica

Based on countless projects in the manufacturing sector, completed over the years by our Indian partner Protocol, it is estimated that normally, a manufacturing company that has implemented a MES software such as OPERA, in accordance with international standards, can save on average, from 2% to 5% every year and benefit a quick ROI that usually is around a year, 1 year and a half.

Furthermore, if you take into account the hypothesis of a Software as a Service (Saas), the cost of implementing your Smart Factory can be included in the operating expenses (OPEX), instead of capital expenditures (CAPEX).

The latter (OPEX) are classified as daily necessary expenses of a company, for this reason, they are a part of those activities that generate revenue in the company.

In other words, OPEX groups all the costs incurred in the daily management.

So why is it important to point out this difference between CAPEX and OPEX when considering purchasing a mes software for your future digital factory?

How to Interconnect a Factory ?evento Opera Mes Glovia

The Internet of Things (IoT), a reality that has taken shape in many areas, including the manufacturing industry.

When it comes to talking about interconnection as industrial key role, is important to outline the features and opportunities that arises.

The Internet of Things (IoT) emphasizes a concept of interconnection among objects that constantly exchange information.

From this, added value is created, allowing continuous innovations for the industrial field.

Inside factories, thanks to the latest software generation, such as OPERA MES, being able to connect machines and devices in the same plant, has become possible, this new smart plants era.