Production Management

Increase OEE with real-time production visibility and visual factory 

Opera Production Management is the core system of the solution, as this is the functional area wherein the factory model is set, the master data are managed and therefore the production order, the key element which all the other functional areas revolve around.

Easily interfaceable with the ERP system or used as the information system to manage all production data (routing, BOM, recipes, part programs etc.), Opera Production Management schedules and digitizes production activities, acquires real-time data on the use, on productivity and efficiency/OEE of resources, enabling constant monitoring of production and timely analysis of historical data.

Real-time events, alerts, notifications and monitoring dashboards.

The right information to the right person at the right time.

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Key Features


  • Work Orders Management
  • Production Sequencing & Scheduling
  • Electronic Dispatching
  • Paperless Manufacturing
  • Documentation Management
  • Automatic production data acquisition
  • Real time monitoring & supervision
  • OEE & Performance Analysis
  • Plant Analysis & Reporting
  • Interface to Business Applications

Production Scheduling

Finite capacity scheduling

Opera Production Scheduling allows you to carry out finite capacity production scheduling, taking into account the resource calendar and checking the availability of all the needed materials, as per the bill of materials of the operations which must be executed.

The production plan is displayed in a web-based Gantt chart that is wholly customizable by the user. Drag & drop functionality to move the phases and powerful interactive graphic tools to display the scheduling data on the Gantt, highlighting the incoming materials to fulfill the orders and any delays compared to the delivery dates requested by the customer.

Featuring graphic windows such as the Gantt chart by resource, by order and histogram of resources workload, to display use compared to the calendar capacity.

schedular gantt

  • Scheduling of production orders/stages
  • Finite capacity scheduling
  • Checking of material availability
  • Management of links between orders
  • Graphic and interactive Gantt chart
  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Interactive graphic tools to visualize data on the Gantt
  • Graphic histogram of resources workload
  • Real-time synchronization with production progress

Production data: scheduled, dispatched, connected, analyzed.

Production Scheduling: from sequencing to scheduling 

OPERA platform allows you to approach the world of production planning starting from a light, but very powerful, production sequencing solution, up to a veritable finite capacity scheduling solution, managing materials and multiple constraints. An interactive, graphic and easy-to-use solution, featuring a web-based Gantt chart and drag & drop features for the user, with the incomparable advantage of real-time monitoring, to manage the production plan and factory events in a synchronized manner.

Dispatching: the Paperless Manufacturing

No more wasting precious time manually distributing activities to operators and constantly monitoring during production that the work is being carried out, in compliance with the scheduled times. 

With Opera Production Management the jobs assigned to the resources are digitally and automatically sent to the workstations, the moment they are launched in production.

Perfect synchronization between resources and processes, guided by the IT system. Any event in production is automatically processed by Opera MES and each process/resource dependent on it is automatically resynchronized.

Digitization of activities and documentation to support operators.

Manuals, images, product data sheets, videos.

Everything is just a click away, right on the operator panel on the machine.

Connecting: Acquire data with Opera Workflow Manager  

Factory operators communicate with Opera through Opera Workflow Manager, a dedicated web-based graphic interface that is easy to use.

Dedicated to the machine (single-resource) or shared (multi-resource), it allows the operator to view the assigned jobs with all the related information and documentation. It acquires data in real time and displays it to the operator in a simple and visual format, using alerts and notifications to send instructions about the processes that must be carried out.

The operators are always connected and online, guided by the IT system.

High usability and user experience, high performance, a very short learning curve.

High level of configurability, to configure new workflows and procedures.

Powerful Analytics: the power of data with Opera Plant Manager

Elevata user experience per navigare tra i dati ed accedere ad analisi, cruscotti e layout di monitoraggio e supervisione della produzione.

High-quality user experience for navigating data and accessing analyses, dashboards and layouts for monitoring and supervising production.

Transforming data into value, to reduce costs, improve resource utilization, productivity and production efficiency.

Numerous analyses and standard layouts are currently available, which are modular and easily modifiable by the user, both in terms of design and content, to create their own factory/department/resource dashboard, share it and publish it during production on large screens.

A configuration tool to create completely new analyses. 

Opera Plant Manager as a powerful Visual Factory solution. 

The factory can be monitored at all times and from any device.


increase efficency


cost reduction


paperless production


visual factory

Opera MES

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