Compliant with the international MES standards. Multi-plant and Multilingual - it is already available in 12 languages.


Software technology of excellence for the realization of Industry 4.0 projects, for an interconnection of all productive resources.


Certified partners worldwide realize OPERA MES projects in companies of any sector and dimension. Over 5000 licenses installed.


Modular structure that allows the realization of customized MES projects according to the customer’s needs. Easily configurable by the distributor and the expert customer.


Online on any device with a web browser html5 (PC, Tablet, smartphone). Modern, Easy and Intuitive Web Interface.


Designed for integration with any ERP system and other departmental systems (QA, APS, WMS, PLM) for bidirectional data exchange.


Over 5000 licenses installed worldwide, in every manufacturing area, are the proof of an international and engineered MES product. An active international presence thanks to the international distribution network, which now has over 40 certified distributors in 18 countries, MES professionals who deal with the sale and implementation of Industry 4.0 projects. We are present in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and in the America. OPERA is translated into 14 languages and can be localized in any language required. The multi-plant structure allows you to manage production sites distributed throughout the world.

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Industry 4.0 represents the future of the manufacturing industry, the fourth industrial revolution that will allow companies to combine productivity with a quick response to the market dynamism, thus making them more productive, more competitive in order to change and improve their way of production. Many companies have already started investing in new technological solutions (MES systems) to keep up with the new market trends and the concrete results obtained in a short time have fully repaid their investment.

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Becoming one of our business partners is a strategic choice that will allow you to complete and enhance your commercial offer as well as meet the demands of your prospects and loyalize your customers. For this reason we offer our partners a continuous support both during the pre-sale and processing of the commercial proposal, and in the post-sales phase for the implementation of projects, as well as assistance to the partner. We offer various opportunities for collaboration, from simple opportunity reporting to certified product distribution.




OPERA is a complete and modular MES that perfectly covers the functional areas of Production, Materials, Quality and Maintenance. The strength of OPERA MES is represented by the maximum configurability that allows to fully satisfy the needs of every type of company (from SMEs to Multinationals and Multi-plant companies). OPERA is designed to manage every kind of production, regardless of the type (discrete and process production) and the organizational model adopted. Its modular structure enable the design of tailored MES systems.

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Thanks to the web based platform, the open data architecture, the functional modules, the communication drivers, the modern technologies - OPERA is the ideal MES tool for big automation and factory control projects. Its structure enables the distributors to work autonomously on the product to satisfy their customers’ requests (Web Based Interface, User Friendliness, High Configurability, Easy to be Interface).

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OPERA is designed to be integrated with any ERP system and other departmental systems (QA, APS, WMS, PLM) for a bidirectional data exchange. This integration allows an automatic merge of the production process data directly with the ERP system and/or with the various business applications and vice versa. OPERA is the bridge between the decision-making level and the executive level that connects itself directly to the PLC, Scada and all factory automation, in order to transfer operational information and automatically acquire the progress data of the production process.

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Con il termine "Intelligenza Artificiale", si pensa ad un mondo futuro e  a tecnologie all’avanguardia, a robot in grado di percepire, comprendere, decidere, agire e imparare. In realtà, l’Intelligenza Artificiale e il suo utilizzo sono molto più reali e concreti di quanto si possa immaginare e vengono oggi utilizzati in diversi settori tra cui il settore manifatturiero nell'ottica di progetti Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Digital Factory.

L’Intelligenza Artificiale quindi trasformerà la relazione tra le persone e la tecnologia, potenziando l’ingegno umano con l'intelligenza, la velocità e precisione delle macchine. La nostra piattaforma software OPERA MES consente, attraverso l’utilizzo dell’intelligenza artificiale (AI), di realizzare fabbriche moderne, digitali e intelligenti.

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Saremo presenti alla prima edizione di MECSPE BARI - 28-30 Novembre 2019, evento importante per il mondo Manufacturing & Industry 4.0, insieme al nostro partner VAR - KEY4 di Bari. Presenteremo la nuova piattaforma MES OPERA 7, completamente web-based, realizzata con le tecnologie software più moderne ed intuitive per la realizzazione della Fabbrica Intelligente!! Il Nostro Partner KEY4 sarà al nostro fianco per accogliere le aziende interessate e fornire soluzioni complete Industry 4.0. Vi Aspettiamo allo stand!
Settore: Tecnologie 4.0 | Padiglione: Nuovo Padiglione | Stand: NP T09

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We will be present at FABTECH 2019 - 11-14 November CHICAGO (USA), The most important event in America for the Manufacturing Industries. We will present the new international MES platform OPERA 7, completely web-based, realized with the most modern and intuitive software technologies for the realization of the Intelligent Factory and Industry 4.0 projects!! We are waiting for you at Stand A1440!

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We will be present at EMO 2019 as Technology Partner of FANUC for the realization of MES Apps (Manufacturing Execution System) that will be presented within the FANUC Field System (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive System) ... We are waiting for Stand A50 FANUC Field System.

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OPERA around the world!
saremo presenti a IOT Evolution -  January 29 - February 1, 2019 • USA, evento internazionale dedicato ai temi IOT e Digital Factory. Presenteremo OPERA MES  sul mercato americano in collaborazione con il nostro business partner Aizoon USA che collabora con noi nella realizzazione di progetti di Digital Factory nel mondo.

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Febbraio 2019 - Continua la crescita del network di OPERA con l'attivazione nel 2019 di nuovi partner da tutto il mondo, Usa, Mexico, China, Russia, Ungheria. Il nostro Team Delivery ha pianificato il primo corso pre-sales del 2019 per la formazione funzionale sul prodotto OPERA MES con l'obiettivo di rendere autonomi i nuovi partner nella fase di pre-sales per la vendita di progetti MES di successo. Il corso funzionale pre-sales si terrà dal 18 al 22 Febbraio 2019 presso la sede Open Data.


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