Let's meet in person next May in Parma!
MECSPE 2021 Opera MES

Are you in step with the Digital Transformation?

Open Data Srl will participate in the SPS Italia event which will be held this time in Parma.

The reference fair for industry 4.0 returns from 24 to 26 May 2022.

The Opera MES platform ideal for your Digital Factory is waiting for you!

 A turning point

If you too are looking for an engineered, flexible, and reliable solution, come and discover our MES solution at the SPS fair next May.

Smart Production Solutions is the fair organized by Messe Frankfurt Italia and it is the annual appointment dedicated to the intelligent factory. On this occasion you will be able to discover many ideal solutions for the Italian manufacturing sector and explore new digital trends with industry experts, allowing you to face the challenges of the future in a winning way.


 Why visit us at the SPS fair in Parmaerchè farci visita alla fiera SPS di Parma 

Discussing the most important issues of tomorrow's industry is the only way to make the best decisions with awareness, useful for making the next steps for your company to continue to grow, increase revenues and make the most of the contingencies that arise periodically.

SPS represents the reference fair for the intelligent industry and next May 2022 it will return to Parma from 24 to 26 May.

A fair that will see a smarter, digital, and flexible industry as its protagonist, rediscovered as the reference point for the Italian manufacturing sector.

Our sector experts await you at the fair with Opera, the intelligent MES, to offer you complete and personalized advice, best suited to your production needs.

With Opera you will be able to monitor production, materials, maintenance, and quality in real time with a single software platform.


 A digital factory knowledgena cultura di fabbrica digitale

Our Opera MES team will help you clarify all organizational and operational aspects related to the factory, promoting a healthy digital factory culture, opening the doors of the interconnected factory to you.

Keeping up to date on new opportunities, carving out the time necessary to understand which technological innovations do the most to the case by shedding light on the different technical facets is not always easy, especially if when deciding where to invest your resources there is a choice between dozens or hundreds of solutions.

For this reason, we at Open Data want to take the opportunity of the fair to help you not to miss the great opportunities that the digital factory offers today.

Thanks to the Opera MES solution, in more than 30 years of projects around the world we have helped more than 500 customers from all types of industries and sizes.

Those who have already chosen Opera, have been able to understand how essential the platform has been to improve their factory production performance, drastically reduce waste and see the job satisfaction of their collaborators increase.

Why work more easily between departments and feel more autonomous thanks to a friendly tool that supports them 24h / 24 is priceless!

Let's meet at the Parma SPS next 24-26 May, trust our professionals, choose Opera MES!


Transform your factory now!