Three companies of the same large Italian Zucchetti Group.
MECSPE 2021 Opera MES

Here we are!

We look forward to seeing you together with CYBERTEC and AWMS to present the new factory of the future at BolognaFiere, in the occasion of the 19th edition of MECSPE: the largest reference fair for the manufacturing industry.

At MECSPE 2021 you will have the opportunity to see and learn about the best of information technology applied to the manufacturing industry.

 Zucchetti factory 4.0 awaits you at MECSPE!

It will be an honor for us at Open Data to present you our Opera MES solution, because we are aware that the Italian industry has a strong need to reaffirm its leadership in the global manufacturing scene, and to achieve this goal it is necessary to equip oneself with innovative tools that increase efficiency and production, reducing costs.

For Open Data and our colleagues from Cybertec and Azzurro Digitale solutions, it is essential to offer the most comprehensive consultancy and the best tools in the manufacturing sector, so we will be present at the fair with three latest generation technological tools:

Opera MES, the MES - Manufacturing Execution System software, the factory computer system that guides, governs, controls and optimizes the entire production process.

CyberPlan, the APS - Advanced Planning Scheduling software for planning and scheduling that allows you to manage your Supply Chain in a precise and efficient way.

AWMS, the AWMS - Advanced Workforce Management System software, a digital lean solution that allows factory workers to be planned in real time, making the organization more efficient.

Three solutions from the Zucchetti World that will allow you to exponentially increase the quality of your production processes inside and outside your production site, with the guarantee of working with technological production excellence in the industrial sector, just like they did our customers, who for over 30 years have continued to choose the Made in Italy brand.

Our experts Opera MES, CyberPlan, AWMS and the Zucchetti World collaborators will be happy to meet you at MECSPE!


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