Increase productivity by identifying Lead Times!

What is it and How to Calculate Lead Time. Opera MES, the most suitable tool. 
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Everyone needs a strategy to collect Lead Time information when dealing with Production. Most likely you will be in possession of an excel template with which you usually calculate the Lead Time.

But What is a Lead Time? How can you calculate the Lead Times? Why has it become of fundamental importance today to know how to identify Lead times?

And above all, what tool is the most sutable in order to ensure reliable data collection and analysis of the entire production?


 What is a Lead Time?

How much do you care about production? If you care enough, then you must know that a Lead Time refers to the time for a production order, more in detail it is the amount of time that the entire production takes from the beginning until its conclusion. In other words, a Lead Time represents a company speed used to meet a customer's need.

What about you? Have you already calculated the lead time of your company? Do you know how long does it take your company to meet the needs of your customers?

Today more than ever, knowing how to optimize and manage your production time in the best possible way, means knowing how to orchestrate your factory in the best possible way, allowing you to obtain greater profits and satisfy a much wider quantity of needs on a global scale. Generally, the companies that aim to decrease the Lead Time are able to satisfy a larger portion of the market, more than competing companies. Calculating Lead Times is simple and becomes even easier when you manage the production with a powerful tool such as a MES platform at your side. The MES system is the acronym of "Manufacturing execution system" and it is the Core software that allows factories to be named "Smart Factory". The MES Opera developed by the Italian leading software house Open Data srl is the friendly tool for factories. Opera is crucial for factories, not only because it is an IT system designed ad hoc to detect and analyze the data of the entire production, but it also allows to identify the so-called Lead Times.


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 How can you facilitate the lead time calculation?

A MES like our Opera MES solution ensures you data collection in real-time. How? Simple, just connect Opera MES platform to your machines in the factory, via SCADA or PLC systems, and in this way, you can offer to all your collaborators, machinery operators and managers the perfect operational synchronization, ensuring maximum productivity. Your operators on board machine will have the possibility to monitor the factory at any time, wherever they are, simply using a tablets or smartphones. There is more! They will be able to declare the progress of the work and carry out corrective operations in real time, thanks to the help of Opera BOT. This tool connected to the Opera MES industrial platform helps you keep track of all the activities that take place in the factory, even from your home! I imagine that at this point you must have understood that everything will allow you the luxury of avoiding any kind of forgetfulness, with the privilege of exponentially increase the efficiency of your factory.

Find out more about Opera MES and choose which Modules of Opera MES can be most beneficial for your factory.


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