The official release of the new version of Opera MES is ready!

Open Data s.r.l. launches the highly anticipated Opera MES v.7, a more technologically advanced and completely web-based version, on May 11. The new version allows you to keep your digital factory under control in a simpler and more intuitive manner. Opera 7 features a significantly enhanced features in all functional areas of the platform and incorporates completely new components, such as Opera Production Scheduling.


Developed with cutting-edge technologies, the new Opera 7 is compatible with any device and operating system and features a high level of configurability.

The Opera 7 system has been enhanced with Opera Plant Manager, the original tool that contains numerous technical and application innovations, useful for advanced analyses that allow you to monitor all the key parameters, playing a crucial role in the continuous improvement of production activities.

Lastly, the software has a modern design and several graphic themes are available.

Find out more about Opera 7, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a demo.