How to Interconnect a Factory ?evento Opera Mes Glovia

The Internet of Things (IoT), a reality that has taken shape in many areas, including the manufacturing industry.

When it comes to talking about interconnection as industrial key role, is important to outline the features and opportunities that arises.

The Internet of Things (IoT) emphasizes a concept of interconnection among objects that constantly exchange information.

From this, added value is created, allowing continuous innovations for the industrial field.

Inside factories, thanks to the latest software generation, such as OPERA MES, being able to connect machines and devices in the same plant, has become possible, this new smart plants era. 

The official release of the new version of Opera MES is ready!

Open Data s.r.l. launches the highly anticipated Opera MES v.7, a more technologically advanced and completely web-based version, on May 11. The new version allows you to keep your digital factory under control in a simpler and more intuitive manner. Opera 7 features a significantly enhanced features in all functional areas of the platform and incorporates completely new components, such as Opera Production Scheduling.