Case Studies

Automotive & Aerospace

“Do not waste time” was the aim of Caterpillar Managers when they decided to rely on Opera MES to implement an information system that could support them to apply their CPS (Caterpillar Production System) strategies, recognized and studied internationally as the best Lean Manufacturing practices for the manufacturing operations improvement.
Opera MES has been the key player of this project based on production monitoring that has allowed Caterpillar to measure the overall process efficiency on the assembling line (OPE), based on the formulas provided and recognized by the Corporate. Opera MES project has been implemented in the Italian plants located in Bologna and Rimini (Italy).Opera MES has been implemented for production management and monitoring as well as for material management, in line with JDE ERP system and has been used as a robust IT platform for decision-making to improve manufacturing processes.
The results obtained have been amazing: Caterpillar experienced an increase of 30% in production efficiency, a reduction of 50% in the Takt-Time recorded in some departments and a general increase of 50% in production.

Metals & Metal Fabbrication

Metalcastello, leading mechanical company specialized in gears manufacturing and belonging to the international group Mahindra, has chosen Opera MES for production management, planning, scheduling and control. Opera MES project, implemented in Bologna (Italy) productive plant, has started from the implementation of production control, monitoring and direct connection to machines to recently implement Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling Module, afterwards having carried out a careful work to refine production cycles and bill of materials.
A great job has been done to interface Opera MES to SAP R3 ERP in cooperation with Mahindra Systech team. In terms of ROI, the costs for the implementation of OPERA MES in Metalcastello have been repaid in about three months from the tuning phase of the project.
The main benefits include a complete visibility of all activities carried out in the factory floor and a more precise qualitative analysis obtained thanks to the production performance analysis (OEE). Thanks to direct connection to machines – through interface with PLCs and I/O cards – it has been possible to measure the performances of each machine/work center/department.

Packaging, Paper & Printing

Autajon Group, one of the main European leaders in the Packaging and Labeling industry, is a manufacturer of folding cartons, labels, set-up boxes and POS, for various market sectors such as Perfumes & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Wine & Spirits as well as Confectionery.
With more than 26 branches located in 7 countries in Europe and USA, Autajon Group is composed of three divisions; in the Packaging one, Open Data has implemented Opera MES in three Italian plants (Cartotecnica Tifernate, Cartotecnica Chierese and PLV) and in TwoCPack in the USA.     
Opera MES project in Autajon Group started from a pilot project in Cartotecnica Tifernate, where Opera was implemented for the production control, material and traceability management. The benefits of the implementation were detected after few months, such as an overall increase in productivity (+20%) and a reduction in production indirect costs. Then, Opera MES was also implemented in Chierese Pack and PLV with a specific configuration based on each company requirements. Last but not least, the implementation in TwoCPack (USA) where Opera was installed in English language. The project also included the interface with the ERP used at corporate level, Microsoft Dynamics AX. Opera MES allowed these companies to have a complete visibility of all manufacturing plants of packaging division, reaching a reduction of over 20% in production direct and indirect costs.


Founded in Alken, Belgium in 1970, Datwyler is a leading supplier of primary and secondary packaging components (mainly rubber and aluminum) in the most advanced areas of the parenteral pharmaceutical market, with a specific focus on vaccines, diabetic care and biotechnology.  With more than 1,250 employees, five facilities for rubber components production and four facilities for plastic/aluminum components production in both Europe and USA, Datwyler is a leading company in its field producing more than 12 billion pieces a year.

Opera MES project was implemented in the Italian plant belonging to Pharma Packaging Division nearby Vicenza. Following an IT infrastructure innovation project, the company chose Opera MES as a strategic tool to manage and control production process, from receipts management (for the generation of basic production components) to the packaging of end finished product.
Interfaces with machines represent the focus of this project: in the mixing dept, interfaces with PLCs of Banbury machines were implemented for the automatic receipts management and for the monitoring of process data with the aim to record process parameters relevant for production. In the molding dept., presses were connected to the system for the automatic acquisition of quantities produced, scraps and downtime analysis. In addition to this, lots traceability was implemented to determine products genealogy, in compliance with TUV certifications. A complex but satisfying project that allowed Datwyler to improve productivity of 18% and to reduce scraps (-33%).