Partnership Program

Becoming one of our partners means growing your own business by entering the world of Industry 4.0. It is a strategic choice that will allow you to enrich your commercial offer, in order to meet the demands of your customers and prospects, providing customized MES solutions. We offer our partners a continuous support both in the pre-sales phase and in the start-up phase of the first projects, guiding and training the partner to reach full autonomy.

Our main business partner are:

- MES solutions distributors
- Vendors/Distributors of ERP solutions
- Vendors/Distributors of FCS/APS solutions
- System Integrators
- Consulting companies working in Manufacturing
- Companies working in the Automation field
- Manufacturer/Reseller of machines/equipment

Our partnership program includes several profiles, depending on the type of services that the company can or would like to offer. The key figure of our network is the VAR, as it deals with the promotion, sale and implementation of OPERA MES projects in full autonomy. The profiles of our partnership program:

VAR (Value Added Reseller)

The VAR is the most complete profile of our network as it deals with the promotion, sale and implementation of OPERA product in full autonomy. The VAR shall create a business unit dedicated to OPERA, consisting of marketing and commercial resources for the complete management of the commercial negotiations and a team of expert technical resources for the realization of OPERA projects.


The RESELLER mainly deals with the promotion and sale of the OPERA MES solution. The Reseller must create a team of marketing and sales resources that will be trained to be autonomous in the complete management of the commercial negotiations. The RESELLER is supported by Opera team and by other VAR partners for the realization of the projects sold.


The Business Associate reports business opportunities regarding OPERA product and promotes the product through its professional network. He collaborates directly with our OPERA team or with a VAR to manage the negotiation, on which he will receive a commission, if successful.


The System Integrators mainly deals with the supply of implementation services and technical assistance on OPERA MES projects sold by other Partners or by himself, if he has a business unit structured as a VAR.  .

Within the distribution network, there is also the "NETWORK PARTNER" profile, which represents a center of competence of the OPERA MES product at an international level. The main task of the Network Partner is to manage a network of distributors in the area and to have an adequate dedicated and certified team of technical and commercial resources. The Network Partner is a role that can be covered by an existing VAR that has gained experience on the product, has implemented several OPERA MES projects and has the necessary preparation to provide support and training to third parties.


If you are interested in our partnership proposal, fill in the following form to present your company. Our commercial team will contact you as soon as possible, in order to organize a presentation webinar and/or a meeting.

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