Proactive Production

MES allows to process a large amount of data detected in real time and to promptly identify deviations that occur during the production process (delays, machine downtimes and failures, process values out of control etc.). Therefore, MES works on the data collected in real time and is able to keep the factory under control, to send alerts and information to machines and operators and to act in a timely manner to the events happening in the shop floor, in order to prevent production losses and efficiency.

The emerging technologies of AI allow us to go further. By analyzing big data and training neural networks, it is possible to predict the future behavior of the factory, to discover the relationships between events and production data and to determine the optimal production parameters to guide the factory and bring it to operational excellence. This approach transforms MES into an "Intelligent MES" that, appropriately trained, is able to foresee possible problems and "suggest" the optimal path to carry out a specific task in the factory. AI and Machine Learning algorithms visualize, diagnose and predict problems in real time, based on the data collected and predictive notifications allow actions to be taken in advance in order to prevent anomalies and deviations. Connect, Monitor, Analyze and Predict.


Connection to any device, of any type and model, by using standard protocols to establish direct communication with the device and acquire data/parameters and variables in real time.


Real time monitoring of the production process, across any functional area. Real time visualization of data to enable accurate and on time analysis of the information.


AI & Machine Learning algorithms process, visualize and predict problems based on the data collected and the ANN training.


The Intelligent MES generates predictive notifications and enables to take actions in advance, before possible problems and process anomalies occur.

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