AI, Machine Learning, ANN

When we think about "Artificial Intelligence", we think about a future world and cutting-edge technologies, that means robots that can perceive, understand, decide, act and learn. In reality, Artificial Intelligence is much more concrete than we can imagine and is already used in different sectors including the manufacturing one, in order to implement Industry 4.0 projects, Smart & Digital Factories.

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of the information technology that enables to programme and design both hardware and software systems that allow machines to have some features that are typically human.  An intelligent system, indeed, is created by trying to recreate different forms of typically human intelligence, which in reality can be connected to specific behaviours reproducible by some machines. One of the main steps in the history of Artificial Intelligence has been made when it has been possible to recreate some specific algorithms, able to improve machine behaviour (that is the ability to act and take decisions) and algorithms able to learn from their own errors through "Machine Learning". Machine learning has been made possible by the development of ANN, Artificial Neural Network, that is a particular mathematical model that, inspired by neurons and human neural networks, "learns" to perform tasks by considering examples, generally without programmed with task-specific rules. An ANN is based on a collection of connected units called artificial neurons, which loosely model the neurons in a biological brain and that are capable of adapting to the context for which they have been trained.

Artificial Intelligence will transform the relationship between humans and technology, enhancing human ingenuity with the intelligence, the speed and the precision of machines. By using the Artificial Intelligence (AI), our OPERA MES software platform allows to implement modern, digital and intelligent factories.



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