OPERA I4 - Industry 4.0 Configuration

OPERA I4 is a commercial configuration of OPERA, specific for machine manufacturers/resellers that want to become our partners, to supply their machine equipped with a MES system.

Opera I4 configuration is a complete MES, it has no functional limitations, in fact it includes all the functionalities that are part of OPERA MES standard edition (Production, Material, Quality, Maintenance Management) for a complete remote control of the machine. Opera I4 is the perfect solution to give an added value to the machine and thus satisfy the interconnection requirements required by the client company.
Opera I4 is completely non-invasive and in no way can affect the functioning of the machine. Opera I4 will be installed on the server of the customer and the control unit of the machine will be connected to the server through the network. The machine just has to be equipped with an operator panel (pc, tablet, etc.) able to open a browser html5, in order to have access to Opera I4 web interface.



We offer to machine manufacturers/resellers the opportunity to start a partnership for Opera I4, by selling machines equipped with a MES, in an easy way and at a very convenient price.
The specific connector between the machine and Opera I4 will be developed, in order to enable the two to communicate and exchange data. Furthermore, Opera I4 web operator interface and its web dashboards will be configured and customized based on the machine type, partner requests, suggestions and customer needs. Opera I4 is the MES for your 4.0 machine!

Becoming our partner means:

- Make the machine smarter and more advanced, compliant with Industry 4.0
- Add value to the machine and gain the competition
- Loyalize existing customers and find more
- Support customers to get familiar with MES and to understand its value, in order to then extend the MES project to the whole plant.

For more information on the procedures for the interconnection of the machines and on OPERA I4 configuration, contact our sales team: