Interconnection & Industry 4.0

Interconnection is the key word of the fourth industrial revolution "Industry 4.0". Every resource involved in the production process is perfectly interconnected, thanks to the Information Technology that comes into action to support the manufacturing process.The IT system that allows a real time dialogue with the factory is the MES, which becomes the central system or factory data HUB that allows you to connect, monitor and control resources and processes.
Normally there are different types of machines in the production area and therefore the introduction of a MES system includes the connection with all the present types of machines for the automatic acquisition of production data, quality data, process data, etc. Each machine or production line, thanks to OPERA MES becomes "social", therefore able to communicate with the whole factory and also with the outside world, to provide and receive information.

Through appropriate IT interfaces and specific communication connectors, the MES system communicates directly with the machines and production equipment, by automatic detection of data related to the production process (times, quantities produced, waste, causal machine stops, energy consumption, etc.). Moreover, it is able to send on machine board all the necessary data for the execution of the production process (e.g. process parameters, setup operating instructions, instructions on the article to be produced, etc.). To achieve this, a fluid and constant communication is required to coordinate the activities and react promptly to the events and unexpected events. The different entities such as machines, lines, operators, materials, must interact in a synergistic and intelligent way, in order to feed correctly the production process. Within the various projects carried out by our distributors, we have interconnected machines of every kind and model, creating standard communication interfaces as well as specific connectors for each machine. Many manufacturers and distributors of machines/systems and production lines are already set up for integration with OPERA, reducing costs and time of integration with the machines.

Supported Protocols: Opc Da (Classic),Opc Ua,MTConnect,Euromap63,GPIO (Android/Linux),Opc DB,SQL,Broker Message,Viox-XML,TCP/IP configuring the decode driver e altri protocolli e connettori specifici.

Native Device Drivers: Fanuc, Siemens S7

Supported Architectures: Rest – XML, Rest – Json, ...

For more information on the procedures for the interconnection of the machines and on OPERA I4 configuration, contact our sales team: