Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the word to identify the fourth industrial revolution, a process of technological innovation that will lead manufacturing companies to an automated and interconnected industrial production, which means an integrated system of equipment, machinery, people, mobile devices and IT systems that are able to communicate with each other, both inside and outside the factory. All this translates into a true factory operating system capable of managing and controlling operations in real time, optimizing processes and resources, analyzing efficiency performance, reducing errors and wasting to improve continuously the production process. In this context, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an indispensable and mandatory step towards the factory computerization and digitalization.

A MES system corresponds exactly to what is included in the Industry 4.0 paradigms. Its implementation enables manufacturing companies to create and set their own digital factory. But how do you actually realize a 4.0 factory?

1. DIGITALIZATION: Abolish “Pens and Papers” to transmit information to the whole production chain and equip yourself with a system that digitalizes information and enables online network dispatching and receiving (procedures, technical drawings, instructions, technical notes to operators, quality control documents, material lists, etc.). Everything becomes available in real time and in digital format. Many companies have digitized information at the decision-making level but not at the executive level...

2. WEB WORKSTATIONS: Equip the operators with PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc., so that they are always connected to the network and "online" with the factory information system that manages the entire production process.

3. PROCESS AUTOMATION: Organize the production process with machines, sensors, measuring tools, equipment, devices, terminals, industrial printers and so on, so that the whole factory can be connected to the network. Companies have suitable machines/systems but they are not interconnected!.

4. FACTORY INFORMATION SYSTEM: To activate a factory information system in order to interconnect all its productive resources (machines/equipment, people, tools…) and all the executive processes (production control, quality assurance control, materials management, process control, SPC, breakdown and predictive maintenance...). 70% of companies don’t have a factory information system! This computer system is the MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

OPERA MES complies perfectly with what is required by the Industry 4.0 paradigms.
Its functional structure allows realizing Industry 4.0 projects in a short time, thanks to its engineering and high configurability and project costs commensurate with the real needs of the company and its operational dimensions. Enter OPERA’s world to know all its potentialities...